Bring your amp sim to life and get album worthy tones with producer impulse responses!

We all love amps but it is often overlooked that the cab is responsible for about 80% of the guitar tone! An impulse response captures not just the cab, but also the microphone, preamp, and any other additional processing. Most importantly, ours are made by the same producers that are responsible for guitar tones on your favorite albums.

What is different about Bogren Digital IRs?

Unlike most IRs out there, our packs are NOT a collection of raw speaker captures. Instead, they are engineered by top metal producers that are behind hundreds of world-class productions. Our impulse response packs are designed specifically to help get your mixes to the next level, fast.

The responses are built through an analogue chain and mixed to fit with all the other elements in a dense metal mix. It can be overwhelming to go through endless mic configurations and raw captures and still have to change the tone with additional processing before you know it truly works. Instead, the Bogren Digital IR packs contain responses with different, alternatively, EQ'd versions to adapt to different amps, guitars, and mixes. The result is that you can get your guitars sound as if a world-class producer engineered them.

What is an impulse response?

An Impulse response allows capturing the signal chain of an actual guitar cabinet, along with a microphone, preamp, eq, and any other analogue processing. This essentially allows you to run your guitar through Jens' chain and get a tone you heard on countless world-class metal productions. You will still need a RAW tone from a real guitar amp or an amp sim, but the cab and microphone will have the most significant impact on the sound.

Here is a video blog with more info.

How to use IRs in a mix?

To use an IR in your DAW, you will need an IR loader. There are many excellent ones out there, but in our tests, we found that some can actually colour the sound!

Here is a video blog with more info.

What gear was used for capture?

All of our packs are created by some of the world's best producers using the exact same cabs, mics and outboard gear you hear on all the albums Jens produced or mixed. These are not 'based on' or 'aiming to recreate'. This is the real deal.Each release comes with documentation that has more information.

Can I use your impulse responses with my hardware?

Absolutely! The IRs work with all hardware units, and you can load them up through their respective software.