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Ampknob Trivium Bundle
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The Trinity of Trivium Tones



All three plugins


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Three amps, three characters

Get the Ampknob BDH Bundle with all three amps that complement each other perfectly.
Or pick your favorite and buy it separately!

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Add Trivium's crushingly powerful and intensely precise sound to your own productions. The Trivium Ampknob Bundle includes three amp sim plugins, each covering its own specific ground — rhythm, lead, and bass guitars.

The plugins were developed by producer Jens Bogren in close collaboration with Trivium’s axe-wielders Matt Heafy, Corey Beaulieu, and Paolo Gregoletto.
This ensures that the Trivium Ampknob Bundle meets the band’s high standards, delivers precisely the sound the band wants, and that the three plugins work nicely together to create a powerful effect.

Three amps, three characters

Get the Ampknob BDH Bundle with all three amps that complement each other perfectly.
Or pick your favorite and buy it separately!


Buy the Trivium Ampknob Bundle and get all three plugins for the price of two!
Or pick your favorite and buy it separately.

Ampknob Trivium Bundle


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Everything you need

  • Mix-finished™ sound by producer Jens Bogren
  • Clean and Dirt Channels
  • Cab-Off button (use your own IR)
  • Tuner optimized for Bass Guitar
  • Built-in Gate

Sound examples

* All audio examples were created using BassKnob.

Ampknob - Trivium Rhythm


A Feast of Fire

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Trivium rhythm

This rhythm guitar monster offers a broad range of terrific tones and yet maintains a straightforward interface.

The amp has been crafted with Matt and Corey’s ultra-precise riffing in mind and provides an extremely tight low end that never muddies up those fast chugs.

Ampknob Trivium Rhythm Boost

A versatile beast

  • Green Boost gives you a sparkly clean tone that can be pushed into a wonderful edge-of-breakup sound. This mode also features a beautiful, lush reverb.
  • Orange Boost starts at crunch but can deliver a unique flavor of huge distortion with the gain turned up.
  • Red Boost breathes fire, with an uncompromising high-octane tone with a ton of clarity for ultra-fast picking.

Two cabs

The rhythm amp comes with two, perfectly matched cabinets captured at Fascination Street Studios: Modern, and Vintage.

Ampknob Trivium rhythm two cabs.webp__PID:ab7aa807-76a8-49e5-baf9-b3856384c360
Ampknob - Trivium Lead


Watch the world burn

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Built from the ground up for blistering leads and soaring melody parts, the Trivium Ampknob Lead delivers a tonal character that makes your guitar solos sit right on top of the rhythm guitars.

But the Trivium Ampknob Lead is much more than just an amplifier model. It also includes a chorus/doubler effect we call Chorey, and a delay — essential effects for great Trivium lead tones.

To top it off, the effects can be used in stereo for wide, attention-grabbing sounds.



The "open" button reveals additional settings that let you fine-tune the effects for your track.

Bassknob Trivium


Ember to Inferno

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Trivium BASS

Paolo Gregoletto prefers a bright bass tone that lets string noise and snarl poke through the wall of guitars while still delivering an uncompromisingly solid low-frequency foundation.

The Trivium Bassknob has been designed to deliver just that. Use a bass with bright, clean bass strings and clear pickups, run it through the Trivium Bassknob plugin, and you’ll find yourself nailing Paolo’s signature tone in seconds.

Is the amp too clean for you? Kick it into overdrive with the Drive button.

Capture your ideas

When inspiration strikes, every second counts before that golden riff is gone forever.

With Ampknob, you can capture your ideas quickly and easily without even starting a DAW. The standalone version of Ampknob includes a built-in recording functionality that makes it effortless to always stay creative.

A scratch book has never been this inspiring!

Recording option.webp__PID:e3107039-78a3-4ab1-9bca-a5a875ea6924


The standalone version of Ampknob now comes with a built-in metronome for you to stay sharp at your guitar playing skills.

Change meter, accent, or set automatic speed increments so you can focus on practicing without even taking your hands off the guitar.

The excellent built-in tuner means you're always ready to jam!

The perfect tone

Ampknob IR menu with IRDX

The perfect speaker cabinet, microphones, and recording chain have been expertly chosen and dialed in by producer Jens Bogren to capture the tone with outstanding detail.

If you feel like experimenting, you can disable the cab or even load your favorite impulse response right from the plugin.


Drop element here

The future of speaker modeling

IRDX Technology logo

Our IRDX (Impulse Response Dynamix) technology breathes life into the guitar sound by adding dynamic and true-to-life speaker behavior to static impulse responses.

IRDX technology, developed by producer Jens Bogren, uses advanced machine learning methods to reconstruct the difference between a real cab and an impulse response.

The end result is a guitar amp sim that reacts like a real amp, easily fits in a mix without sounding stale, and feels great when playing through.

IRDX speaker VS Impulse Response

Impulse Responses are excellent at capturing the tonality and resonance of a guitar cabinet, but by nature they are only a static snapshot in time.

By itself, an impulse response has the tonal characteristics of a real cab but without dynamics, it creates a lifeless, fatiguing sound.

Real-life guitar speakers react dynamically to the input from the amplifier. They move air, compress, and break up depending on how hard they are being pushed by the amp.

IRDX speaker VS Impulse Response


Trivium Hero2.webp__PID:59566439-6234-4d7b-ae06-ce4a19a159a3

Known for their musicianship, melodic sensibilities, and razor-sharp sound, Trivium has established itself as one of the leading metal bands in the last 20 years.

The band has sold over one million albums worldwide and was Grammy nominated for Best Metal Performance in 2019.

Trivium continuously inspires musicians and fans worldwide.

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System requirements

  • Available as VST3 / AU / AAX / Standalone
  • Windows 10 or newer
  • Mac OS 10.13 or newer (Intel & Apple Silicon Native)

Jens Bogren

Over 20 years of musical excellence

Founder and head of Fascination Street Studios since 2001, Jens is famous worldwide for his work with some of the biggest acts in metal today.
• Arch Enemy
• Amon Amarth
• Opeth
• Sepultura
• And many more!