Ampknob RevC and Bassknob STD


Save 50% on the newly updated Ampknob RevC and Bassknob STD.



Each plugin

We just updated Ampknob RevC and Bassknob STD. They have the same great sound and extreme ease of use as always, but we’ve added some highly requested features and given RevC a bit of a facelift as well.

Get them now for only $24 each — that’s more than half off!

What's new?

  • IR Loader | Take advantage of our IRDX Technology
  • RIFF RECORDER | Capture ideas on the fly
  • METRONOME | Record and practice in time
  • UPDATED INTERFACE | Ampknob RevC only—we all love a pretty face

Everything you need

  • Mix-finished™ sound by producer Jens Bogren
  • Clean and Dirt Channels
  • Cab-Off button (use your own IR)
  • Tuner optimized for Bass Guitar
  • Built-in Gate

Sound examples

* All audio examples were created using BassKnob.

Ampknob RevC


Album-ready guitars

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Bassknob STD


Your low-end go-to

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The future of speaker modeling

IRDX Technology logo

Our IRDX (Impulse Response Dynamix) technology breathes life into the guitar sound by adding dynamic and true-to-life speaker behavior to static impulse responses.

IRDX technology, developed by producer Jens Bogren, uses advanced machine learning methods to reconstruct the difference between a real cab and an impulse response.

The end result is a guitar amp sim that reacts like a real amp, easily fits in a mix without sounding stale, and feels great when playing through.

IRDX speaker VS Impulse Response

Impulse Responses are excellent at capturing the tonality and resonance of a guitar cabinet, but by nature they are only a static snapshot in time.

By itself, an impulse response has the tonal characteristics of a real cab but without dynamics, it creates a lifeless, fatiguing sound.

Real-life guitar speakers react dynamically to the input from the amplifier. They move air, compress, and break up depending on how hard they are being pushed by the amp.

IRDX speaker VS Impulse Response


System requirements

  • Available as VST3 / AU / AAX / Standalone
  • Windows 10 or newer
  • Mac OS 10.13 or newer (Intel & Apple Silicon Native)

Jens Bogren

Over 20 years of musical excellence

Founder and head of Fascination Street Studios since 2001, Jens is famous worldwide for his work with some of the biggest acts in metal today.
• Arch Enemy
• Amon Amarth
• Opeth
• Sepultura
• And many more!