Ampknob Trivium Rhythm

Ampknob Trivium Rhythm

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Add Trivium's crushingly powerful and intensely precise sound to your productions.

This rhythm guitar monster offers a broad range of terrific tones and yet maintains a straightforward interface. The Boost switch goes between three distinctive flavors, from sparkly clean to face-melting high-gain, with crunch tones in the middle. 

The Gain knob lets you fine-tune the distortion levels within each of the three Boost settings. The amp has been crafted with Matt and Corey’s ultra-precise riffing in mind and provides an extremely tight low end that never muddies up those fast chugs. 
The clean Boost setting features a tasty reverb, providing depth and support for calmer moments. 

For further sonic options, the Ampknob Trivium Rhythm comes with two different cabinets.

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