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S_Zero 100

The One-Knob Revolution

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EfFortless Boutique Tone

Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 gives you a distraction-free path to boutique tube amp sound, providing world-class quality and a straightforward workflow.

Get high-end guitar amp tones with minimal effort, and stay focused on laying down great guitar parts and solos. Ampknob S_Zero 100 has been designed to sound great from the moment you launch the plugin.

Should you want to make any adjustments, the controls have been boiled down to a single knob and a switch. There’s a lot going on underneath the hood of Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 — all so you can simply plug in and rock out.

One knob, three channels

The original MLC S_Zero 100 is a three-channel monster amp with many possibilities. With the Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 plugin, we have captured the breadth of available sounds within the range of a single knob.

  • Low Gain setting: This is Channel 1 of the original MLC S_Zero 100, which goes from clean and sparkly to a deep, three-dimensional overdrive.
  • Mid Gain setting: Here’s where you’ll find the the tasty organic tube crunch of Channel 2.
  • High Gain setting. You guessed it! Turn the Gain knob up high and you will expose the world to the fire-breathing yet dynamic Channel 3 of the original MLC S_Zero 100
Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 Channel-annimation.gif__PID:f4e2a28b-9fb9-4d69-899e-a7e32ec74f81


Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 Pedal_focus.jpg__PID:9fb93d69-499e-47e3-aec7-4f81f787a014

Need a boost? The Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 plugin includes a pedal switch, activated with the push of a button on the plugin’s front panel.

The pedal tightens up the low-end and drives the input a bit harder.

Feature-packed standalone version

Just like Bogren Digital’s other guitar amp sims, a standalone version is included with the Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 plugin.

The standalone version includes a tuner, a metronome, and a practical riff recorder, allowing you to capture ideas on the fly without opening your entire DAW.

Ampknob riff recorder


Ampknob metronome

The standalone version of Ampknob now comes with a built-in metronome for you to stay sharp at your guitar playing skills.

Change meter, accent, or set automatic speed increments so you can focus on practicing without even taking your hands off the guitar.

The excellent built-in tuner means you're always ready to jam!

Ampknob tuner

Two cabinets and IRDX technology

Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 comes with two different speaker cabinets — Vintage and Modern — adding even more sonic options.

As with all Bogren Digital amp simulators, Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100 has our proprietary IRDX technology built in. IRDX mimics the non-linear behavior that real-life guitar speakers exhibit, but which is invariably lost when capturing cabinet impulse responses.

You can load any IR into Ampknob MLC S_Zero, automatically enhancing it with IRDX technology.

Ampknob cab selector

The future of speaker modeling

IRDX Technology logo

Our IRDX (Impulse Response Dynamix) technology breathes life into the guitar sound by adding dynamic and true-to-life speaker behavior to static impulse responses.

IRDX technology, developed by producer Jens Bogren, uses advanced machine learning methods to reconstruct the difference between a real cab and an impulse response.

The end result is a guitar amp sim that reacts like a real amp, easily fits in a mix without sounding stale, and feels great when playing through.

IRDX speaker VS Impulse Response

Impulse Responses are excellent at capturing the tonality and resonance of a guitar cabinet, but by nature they are only a static snapshot in time.

By itself, an impulse response has the tonal characteristics of a real cab but without dynamics, it creates a lifeless, fatiguing sound.

Real-life guitar speakers react dynamically to the input from the amplifier. They move air, compress, and break up depending on how hard they are being pushed by the amp.

IRDX speaker VS Impulse Response



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MLC S_Zero 100

The One Knob Revolution

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MLC Amps is a renowned brand specializing in the production of high-quality boutique guitar amplifiers, pedals, speaker cabinets, and custom guitar systems.

The MLC brand is known for its commitment to delivering exceptional sound quality, reliability, and innovative features.

MLC Amplifiers, designed by Marek Laskowski, are crafted using premium components with the lowest tolerance levels and undergo rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance. They are known for their clarity, power, and tonal versatility, allowing musicians to achieve their desired sound effortlessly.

MLC Amps' commitment to quality and attention to detail has made them a trusted choice for many professional musicians worldwide.

MLC Amps

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System requirements

  • Available as VST3 / AU / AAX / Standalone
  • Windows 10 or newer
  • Mac OS 10.13 or newer (Intel & Apple Silicon - M1/M2/M3 Native)


In action

Jens Bogren

Over 20 years of musical excellence

Founder and head of Fascination Street Studios since 2001, Jens is famous worldwide for his work with some of the biggest acts in metal today.

• Arch Enemy
• Amon Amarth
• Opeth
• Sepultura
• And many more!