Major label mix walkthrough - Dååth

Join producer Jens Bogren and see what it takes to mix a song for Metal Blade Records, almost completely in the box.

In this video, Jens talks about how he mixed „No Rest No End” by Daath, a song with 232 tracks that include a full band, and orchestra parts.

See in detail how the drums were mixed, and how a performance by Kerim "Krimh" Lechner was combined with drum samples to help reinforce the tone. Walk through the guitar tone setup and how real amps were used in conjunction with Ampknob plugins to create a powerful tone.

In part two, Jens dives into bass, vocals, orchestra, and final touches.

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Krimh Drums

Krimh Drums
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Krimh Drums is a next-level drum instrument created by a top-tier metal producer Jens Bogren in close collaboration with Kerim "Krimh" Lechner — a rising star among today's generation of metal drummers who has lent his outstanding skills to acts such as Behemoth, Decapitated, Dååth, and Septicflesh.

Krimh Drums goes beyond what you expect from typical MIDI drum instruments. It includes built-in algorithms that help create realistic performances and avoid the dreaded "machinegun effect" and other giveaways of MIDI programmed drums:

- Automatic double kick switching
- Unique algorithm for natural-sounding tom fills
- Automatic articulation enhancement for adding realism and human feel to performances

The instrument contains built-in EQ, compressors, transient shaper, and saturation for ultimate tone shaping.

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Krimh Drums