How to make your ekit sound like a million bucks for free

Let Lindsey Raye Ward take you on a tour around Krimh Drums Free and show you how you can set your electronic drum kit to sound like you are playing an acoustic drum kit recorder at one of the best studios in the world - Fascination Street Studios.

Getting things going, including hi-hat pedal setup is a breeze!

Krimh Drums

Krimh Drums
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Krimh Drums is a next-level drum instrument created by a top-tier metal producer Jens Bogren in close collaboration with Kerim "Krimh" Lechner — a rising star among today's generation of metal drummers who has lent his outstanding skills to acts such as Behemoth, Decapitated, Dååth, and Septicflesh.

Krimh Drums goes beyond what you expect from typical MIDI drum instruments. It includes built-in algorithms that help create realistic performances and avoid the dreaded "machinegun effect" and other giveaways of MIDI programmed drums:

- Automatic double kick switching
- Unique algorithm for natural-sounding tom fills
- Automatic articulation enhancement for adding realism and human feel to performances

The instrument contains built-in EQ, compressors, transient shaper, and saturation for ultimate tone shaping.

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Krimh Drums