In the studio with Jakob Herrmann

Join producer Jakob Herrman at his studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, for a behind-the-scenes look at the new IR pack - The Heaviest Cab In The World.

Jakob is here to tell you about how the pack was made together with KJ Melgoza, how he combines the IRs to keep things interesting in a song, and how to turn accidents into unique parts!

The heaviest cab in the world

The Heaviest Cab In The World - IR


The Heaviest Cab In The World

Record your guitars with the unique sound of a 300-pound speaker cabinet. The Heaviest Cab in the World IR Pack is a collection of impulse responses made with the Mahler 2x12 speaker cabinet. Captured by producer Jakob Herrmann at Top Floor Studios in  Gothenburg, Sweden.

  • 40 IRs from a unique 300-pound Mahler 2x12 cabinet made of solid granite
  • Captured through a high-end recording chain, including an SSL 6000G console
  • Engineered by Jakob Herrmann (Anthrax, In Flames, Machine Head)
  • Mic'd, EQ'd, and tailored to fit into any mix
  • Compatible with all software and hardware IR loaders
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