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Here's a bit more info about what the Ampknob BDH plugins are all about.
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The Ampknob BDH plugins are based on three versions of an iconic guitar amplifier, named with four digits. According to Guitar Player magazine, the amp "defined a generation of guitar tone."

The very first version, which came out in 1992, is known as the "block-letter" head. It was famously used by Machine Head, In Flames, Arch Enemy, and Killswitch Engage, and it became an indispensable ingredient for the sound of many, many metalcore bands.

To this day, it remains a true icon for metal guitar sounds.

From Arena Rock to Metalcore

The amplifier came about as an artist's signature amp for one of the most innovative and influential rock guitar players of all time, who sadly passed away in 2020. Interestingly, while the artist himself was known for his melodic arena rock, it was much heavier bands that started using the amp — primarily due to its famous high-gain lead (red) channel. Later on, different versions of the amp were released, and 30 years after its initial release, the amp model is still in production.

The Ampknob BDH plugins

Here is a closer look at the three plugins.

The Ampknob BDH 5169 is based on the original block letter amp head, which came out in 1992. Its aggressive and punchy high-gain tone quickly made it a hit among heavy metal and metalcore bands from the mid-90s and onwards.

It is the amp to beat for other high-gain guitar amp manufacturers.

The devilishly heavy Ampknob BDH 66o6+ is based on a hot-rodded and heavily modified "plus" version, which was originally a later generation of the amp from around 2000.

The modifications make the amp particularly suited to low-tuned guitars and energetic riffing, and it's truly one of a kind — a sound you will not find anywhere else.

The Ampknob BDH III is a model of an amp that was the last version to come out before the original artist's untimely passing. The original unit that we modeled is from Jens Bogren's personal amp collection and a part of many albums created at Fascination Street Studios.

This is the most modern sounding of the bunch, with a very even distortion that makes it great for lead guitars.

With all three, we have modeled the famous Red Channel — the high-gain one.

Get There Fast

All Ampknob amp sims have been created with the ultimate ease of use in mind, and the BDH series is no different.

What makes them stand out is that the plugins have been sound-designed by Jens Bogren himself. Now you can access his 20+ years of recording experience and reduce the need to spend hours tweaking and adjusting the sound.

Simply add an Ampknob plugin of your choice to your DAW and start laying down those face-melting riffs and solos using a sound crafted by one of the most prominent metal producers ever.

Overdrive and IR Loader

Need a boost? While the amps sound terrific on their own, sometimes you need to kick things into higher gear.

Every amp in the BDH collection includes a Pedal switch, which is easily activated with the push of a button on the plugin's front panel.

As with everything else, you get Jens' favorite setting and an exact replica of the gear he uses in his productions.

The speaker cabinets, microphone choices, and placement, and the subsequent recording chain have all been meticulously selected and shaped for these three amps by producer Jens Bogren.

However, should you feel like diving into sound explorations or using any of the Bogren Digital IR packs, you can simply load your own favorite IR directly in the plugin or bypass the cabinet simulation entirely and use an external IR loader of your choice.

Record Your Ideas

When inspiration strikes, every second counts before your idea is gone forever. With the Ampknob BDH plugins, you can record your ideas hassle-free, without even starting a DAW.

The standalone version of the Ampknob BDH plugins includes a built-in recording functionality making it easy to always stay creative. A scratch book has never been this inspiring!

Become a Better Player

The standalone versions of the Ampknob BDH plugins also come with a built-in metronome so you can stay sharp with your guitar-playing skills. Change the meter, and accent, or set automatic speed increments so you can focus on practicing without taking your hands off the guitar.

Ampknob BDH Bundle



Get access to three incarnations of an era-defining high-gain tube guitar amplifier. Work fast and get the album-ready guitar sound you’re after without endless tweaking or second-guessing.

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Ampknob BDH Bundle